BBFC: Leon Spanking Double Bill

BBFC: Weekend Double Bill

As a weekend treat BBFC have done a double update of Leon Spanking Clips


BBFC: Grounded

Leon is dressing to sneak out of the apartment. He is watched for a second before he is confronted and told in no uncertain terms he is grounded.



This gets him an OTK spanking that he rightly deserves. Lucky for him he has just put on his tight white briefs, and lucky for us as his butt looks great in them.  But these offer no protection and the red glow soon shows at the edges, a lovely contrast in colours.


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Once they are down his butt gets what he needs and even though he is struggling it does not help. A classic OTK for Leon.










Part 2


BBFC: Leon in the Forest

Part 2 of the inside outside weekend is a requested clip. Leon is tied to a tree and awaits his spanking.



The belt turns up and he has nowhere to go as it works its magic in the sun filled forest.






He tries rocking side to side to easy the muscles in his butt but that just makes things worse. He cute little butt has a delicious wobble after each stroke. A warm day, a beautiful forest and a lad being spanked what a perfect combination