Sting: Shore Based Discipline (Part 1 of 2)

Shore Based Discipline

Firm discipline at any naval training college has historically always been as very important when training young men to serve at sea. Traditionally some punishments were often laid on to the bare posteriors, especially for younger seaman and has been part of naval life going back many years. The birch, cane and cat o nine tails or boys pussy, as it was known, were all instruments used in various navies for centuries.

One NCO Mr Wyatt (James Holt) a younger member of the training team has got himself in to a spot of bother. Its after sea trials so the Captain wants to keep it of the record and sentences the young NCO to lashes of the cat o nine tails, administered in the manner of a boy seaman.

As there is no cannon to be secured over (kissing the gunners daughter) the gym vaulting horse will have to suffice, as in the case of birching in the early days at T.S Ganges.




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One of the trainee cadets (Robin Palmer) had heard about the flogging and decided to take a look for himself!




Of course NCO Wyatt’s ordeal won’t be completed till the Chief Petty Officer, Mr Sharpe, has added a good spanking to the punishment!






All the time the young cadet has been spying the whole procedure discretely through a small window in to the gym. He may find the spectacle entertaining, but he may not enjoy what happens next ……






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