The two lads have broken into derelict private property and are sat drinking themselves into a stupor with vodka and beer. They are so drunk that when the police turn up they are too drunk to protest, Murray is handcuffed and stood against the wall while Paul watches through bleary eyes. Pulled out of his chair and bent over the table Paul is shocked to find himself being spanked. There is not enough leverage standing up so the Policeman gets the lad OTK for better control. The jeans have to go down and Paul drop his trousers and is pulled back OTK, his cute butt showing well through his Aussiebums. A great white knuckle shot of Pauls face with Murray looking on in the background and wondering about his turn. Pauls underwear is pulled down and lovely smooth bum is presented nicely, after a few swats Paul is made to kneel on the chair as the policeman spanks him. Murray seeing that the guy is distracted sneaks towards the door and then makes a bolt for it still with his hands cuffed behind his back, the Policeman stops spanking Paul and runs after Murray – leaving Paul to nurse his sore bum. A sobering experience for Paul….

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